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At Sake Tours, we take you behind the scenes to meet the people who grow, cook, brew, and create the incomparable food, sake, and traditional arts and crafts of Japan.

You’ll tour sake breweries, talk with master brewers, and most importantly, taste—a lot. But that’s only part of the experience. Depending on the tour you choose, you might find yourself trying your hand at making soba, embarking on a ramen crawl through Hakata, Kyushu or visiting a pottery master’s studio.

Expect impeccably sourced restaurant dinners, hard-to-find sake, and authentic, under-the-radar cultural experiences that make Sake Tours the most non-touristic “tours” you’ll ever experience. Come find out why so many Sake Tours customers return to explore different parts of Japan with us!

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Mie / Wakayama

Mie / Wakayama Sake Tour

Tour three top breweries, Zaku, Gensaka, and Kuroushi, and feast on an array of local specialties. We’ll sample Matsusaka beef barbecue, creamy Matoya oysters, and a tuna dinner in Katsuura, where more tuna is landed than anywhere else in Japan.

Since Wakayama is also at the vanguard of tuna aquaculture, we’ll sample bluefin tuna sashimi right where it is farmed. Have you heard of binchotan, the charcoal prized by chefs around the world? We’ll meet a binchotan maker, see his kiln, and try his barbecue. We’ll also visit Shinto shrines in Ise, Kumano and Nachi, marvel at the dynamic rocky coastlines and serene mountain woods, and unwind during four nights at an onsen.

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Niigata Sake Tour

Long considered the crown jewel of Japanese sake-producing regions, Niigata is home to more than 90 breweries. On this trip, we’ll visit four of them, including one on the remote island of Sado, the former place of exile for court nobles, and now home to a revived population of Japanese crested ibis.

Our tour opens with a refined Niigata dinner and geisha performance. We’ll walk snow-covered plains with rice growers, savor Niigata’s beloved rice, and enjoy an authentic homestyle farm lunch. We’ll also visit Murakami, the historic mecca of salmon culture, and sample locally grown tea in a traditional machiya (merchant’s townhouse). We’ll enjoy a snow and sake BBQ and on Sado island, you’ll even get to try your hand at Kodo drumming!

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Why Choose Us

We are not just any 'normal' tour company.


A tour with us is about experiences –  you will get to do things that you wouldn’t be able to do if you were traveling alone.


You will get to meet the Sake brewers, local farmers, food producers and artisans – encounters you normally wouldn’t have!

Sake & Food 

Our team are extremely knowledgable when it comes to Japanese food and sake. On a tour with us you will eat (and drink) very very well.

Experience Japan


Please Note – We are not offering the below tours in 2020. If you are interested in any of these tours for 2021 – please email us at info@saketours.com

What our Previous Guests are Saying

Andrew Ng
"A very special and everlasting memory for me and my wife. It is very well organised by our beautiful Etsuko and Shima, not to forget our fantastic Jason.  It was such an eye opener for us to embark on such a tour and no regret about the money spent, quite expensive you know but it's worth it."

Andrew Ng
Niigata Tour 2017
Paulo Machado
"Outstanding. One of the most exciting trips of my life. The chance to understand clearly and feel all the senses on making sake is the goal of this tour. At the end of all you will make friends forever. I would definitely recommend and do the Sake Tour again."

Paulo Machado
Okayama Tour 2017 + Akita 2018
Scott and Keiko Moriyama
Ichigo Ichie is loosely translated as “once in a lifetime - never again.” It captures a moment in time never to be experienced again. The Hokkaido Sake Tour represented many such Ichigo Ichie moments: ice fishing on Lake Abashiri; cruising the coastline of Rausu with hundreds of soaring white-tailed eagles; the first mouthful of the most luscious Uni in the world; standing in 1-degrees Fahrenheit on the frozen Notsuke Bay for a group photo; and the simple vegetable salad full of umami at Cuore. Add bottles and bottles of Hokkaido sake to this mix, and you’ve got heaven on earth. The passionate efforts of Etsuko-san to scope out the finest experiences for her guests will never be forgotten. This tour is the heart and soul of Hokkaido!

Scott and Keiko Moriyama

We have a huge following of guests who keep coming back for more!

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Sake Lecture by John Gauntner

Many of our tours include a lecture by John Gauntner

John Gauntner, known as the “ Sake Guy ” in Japan, is the world’s leading non-Japanese sake expert. He has published five books and written hundreds of articles on sake. He teaches a series of intensive educational sake courses in Japan and the US. He is also the only non-Japanese to function as an advisor and consultant for the Japanese government on sake promotion and the worldwide sake market.

Check out John’s books here

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