The Birth of Sake

by Eric Shirai

The Birth Of Sake

In a world where most mass produced goods are heavily automated, a small group of artisans must brave tough working conditions to preserve the ancient tradition that we have come to know as saké. THE BIRTH OF SAKÉ reveals the story of passionate saké-makers and what it takes to make world-class saké at Yoshida Brewery, a 144-year-old family-owned small brewery in northern Japan.
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Kampai! For the Love Of Sake

Directed by Mirai Konishi

Kampai! For the Love of Sake

A British sake brewer, an American journalist, and a young president of a century ­old sake brewery in Japan join together to explore the mysterious world of sake, or Japanese rice wine. The film illustrates how these unique individuals who have been fascinated with this extraordinary beverage of Japanese origin meet the challenges of the current sake industry, investigating the rich, complex, and spectacular world of sake.