How to get to Metropolitan Tokyo

If you fly to Tokyo, you will arrive at Narita or Haneda Airport. Haneda is 25 min from central Tokyo. Narita is approximately 70 min from Tokyo.

From Narita Airport

Narita has more international flights.

For those of you who have never been to Japan, taxis from Narita Airport to Tokyo cost over US$200.00. Therefore, limousine buses or JR Narita Express (N’EX) are highly recommended!

1-1 Limousine buses offer the smoothest access back and forth between Narita Airport and downtown Tokyo, located some 60 kilometers apart. Airport Limousine counters are located in the Arrival Lobbies (in front of the exit) of both Terminals 1 and 2.

After clearing Customs, please look for the Airport Limousine counters in the Arrival Lobby.  Buses from Narita Airport leave from the 1st floor. Tickets cost ¥3100 each, payable by cash OR major credit card.

Take the limousine bus to the central Tokyo. Buses leave approximately once every hour and take 90 minutes or so. 

NOTE: you will be given a claim check for any luggage stowed. Please hold onto your ticket stub to re-claim your luggage!

Bus Route & Schedule:

UPDATE – there is also a bus called THE ACCESS NARITA  – It is cheaper but has luggage restrictions. Read here for more info

1-2. JR Narita Express (N’EX): For those of you with a Japan Railways (JR) Rail Pass or if you prefer taking the train, please take the JR NARITA EXPRESS to Tokyo Station. The train takes about 1 hour. For Rail Pass holders, there is no charge (the fare is normally ¥3140).

From Tokyo Station’s Marunouchi Exit or Yaesu Exit, take a taxi to your hotel.

From Haneda Airport

International flights to Haneda are limited. Most of domestic flights fly from or to Haneda.


If you take a taxi from Haneda to metropolitan Tokyo,  it is around 6,000 yen.

There are two ways for public transport access.

2-1. Keikyu


Pease take the Keikyu Line to Shinagawa Station (RECOMMENDED) (400 JPY) or continue on the same train to the nearest train station. The train takes about 20 -25minutes.

From Shinagawa Station, proceed to Takanawa Exit Taxi stand and take a taxi. Taxi fare is approximately \2,000 to metropolitan Tokyo. This is the easiest way.

2-2. Monorail

Please take the Tokyo Monorail to Hamamatsucho Station (470 Yen). It takes about 20minutes.

From Hamamatsucho Station take a taxi. Taxi fare is approximately 1,500 Yen to metropolitan Tokyo. See directions taking the taxi in 2-1. Finding a taxi may be a bit challenging.