JR Pass

If you are using JR Pass for your travel after the tour, please be sure to activate the pass in Tokyo or other big cities. Some of the smaller stations that we finish the tour at will NOT have the office to activate the pass.


1. JR Pass General Information in English


2. Eligibility and Restrictions

  • JR Pass users cannot use Nozomi, which is about 30 min faster than Hikari to travel between Tokyo and Kyoto.
  • If you lose the JR pass, you will not be able to get it reissued under any circumstances.
  • Please visit the official site for eligibility.


3. Purchasing JR Pass

You must purchase an Exchange Order from one of the following authorized sales office or agent, before you arrive in Japan.

Example of online travel agents who sells JR pass

US Residents


UK and Europe


4. JR Pass: Ordinary or Green?

Please see about getting ordinary pass for 28,300 yen. This pass let you make reservations on ordinary class seats. This is more economical and popular than Green among travelers.

If this is your first time to be on the bullet trains in Japan, and need to compare ordinary and green seats, ordinary seat is like coach class on a flight. Green seats are about 5 cm wider and have more leg room. It is quieter than the ordinary seats, too. If you travel during the peak season, it is much easier to reserve seats on green seats than ordinary seats.

If you prefer to get quieter and wider seats, please consider getting a Green JR Pass.

5. When and where do I exchange the Exchange Order for the actual Japan Rail Pass?

When you purchase a JR Pass in your home country, you will receive an Exchange Order. After you arrive in Japan, you turn in the Exchange Order to receive the actual JAPAN RAIL PASS (JR Pass). Link to the JR Pass site:

Option 1:

You can exchange the Exchange Order to the JR Pass at Narita Airport.

Option 2:

Or, you may choose to exchange the Exchange Order to the JR Pass in Tokyo. Please note that if you leave Tokyo, you may not find a major station to exchange the Exchange Order. Please be sure to get it done in Tokyo or Kyoto. You can set the JR Pass to start for later date.

Items you need to exchange to a JR Pass:

1. Exchange Order (You received this in your home country at the time of purchase.)
2. Passport showing entry to Japan as a tourist.
3. Registration form (http://www.japanrailpass.net/images/application.pdf)
4. Your Start Date – When do you want to start using the pass?

Option 1: At Narita

Even if you are not using the pass to travel from Narita to Tokyo and your JR Pass use is starting for later date, you can get your JR Pass in advance of actual use at the JR Travel Service Center at Narita.


1. From the Arrival Lobby, take the escalator or elevator to Level B1.

Exchange your Exchange Order at the JR Travel Service Center with your passport and the registration form.

6. How do I use it?

When entering or leaving the station, show your JR pass to station staff at the Ticket Gate.