JR Shinkansen Bullet Train

To travel from Tokyo to Akita, you will be on Tohoku Shinkansen, in particular, Komachi.

General instructions: 


1. How to read your ticket


2. Getting on the Right Train

When entering or leaving the station, if the reverse side of your ticket is black, please insert it into the slot of the Automatic Ticket Gate. If not, please show it to station staff at the Ticket Gate.

After using the Automatic Ticket Gate or showing your ticket to the station staff, pass through the gate.

2-1. Find the correct platform by checking your train name, destination, train number and departure time on the board. At the platform, go to the car number your seat is reserved. Other than at the start of the service such as Tokyo, Shinkansen stops only one minute or so. So, be ready to get on at the right car number.

With this sample ticket it is

From: Tokyo To: Sendai

Date: June 1

Departure time: 8:28 am

Car Number 3 , Seat Number 4E

2-2. Find your seat. On some route, JR staff will come around to check your ticket. Have your tickets or JR pass + seat reservation ticket ready at all times on the train.

2-3. There will be an announcement for the next stop. Again, the train will stop only one minute or so. Be ready to get off the train when it arrives at the station.

2-4. There will be coffee and snacks sold on Shinkansen.There will be very tiny designated area to store suitcase. It is best to find a gap between seats.

3. Getting off the train

Exit the gate by using the Automatic Ticket Gate or showing your ticket to the station staff.(Most tickets are collected by station staff except for japan Rail Passes and other multiuse Passes.)

Keep in mind that you need your ticket to exit!

4. Keep in Mind

Arrive at the station at least 15 minutes before the departure time. 20 min is ideal. If you start from Tokyo, transferring from local JR line to Shinkansen at Shinagawa station is easier than going to Tokyo.

Tokyo Station is huge and it is easy to get lost.